Tuesday, 19 April 2011

So, I'm back. I thought that I'd try to fight past the crippling laziness I mentioned last time - all those months ago - and actually come back here and write something. Not to be defeatist, but I don't rate my chances high... But anyway. So currently things in life are a little bit hectic. I have revision I should be doing (The key phrase there is "should be"), I have campaigning to do for the local elections that I just happen to be running in and I've got an American kid coming over in three days and staying with me for a while. So yes. Busy busy busy.

I don't really have any entertainment news, other than to say I'm reading the Sharpe books and they are awesome. If any of you have even a passing interest in Napoleonic history, I fully recommend buying a couple and trying them. No big film stuff, mainly because it's all passed my by.

ETA: There is of course the whole Wicked Pretty Things anthology... issue... but that's been covered in great detail and far better than I could hope to manage by the wonderful Cleolinda Jones. Just scroll down to the post marked "Sit down and get comfortable" and read up from there. http://cleolinda.livejournal.com/tag/publishing

That's all folks,

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